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Your pesto sounds amazing, and I'm dying to hear about the beets. We've been overrun with them lately, and I'm about out of ideas on what to do with them. So far we've had them steamed in a salad, roasted alongside potatoes and onions and pureed into a soup with carrots and new potatoes. And I know what you mean about a good morning for blogging - I'm sitting here in my pj's, checking blogs and avoiding the shower that signals the true start of the day!


Well, my beet preparation isn't too exciting. . . but the beets themselves are -- beautiful candy-striped chioggias. I also love to cook the greens, which I blanch and then saute with garlic. Great with some bacon, and also truly delicious made into an omelette or fritatta. . . yum! And now, off to the shower!

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