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Oh, my! Thank you for the link, and for the very kind words, but I am not a pro. I am Deeply Insane and Don't Know When to Quit. Which, come to think of it, describe a lot of the pros I know. :) But really, I am more of a believer in doing a couple things well than a dozen things not so well. But last year I didn't bake at all, so this year I'm making up for lost time.

If it's any consolation, I would have LOVED your biscotti. I am a big fan of the not-too-sweet, made-for-dunking into dessert wine biscotti. I do like some of the more exotic Maida Heatter versions, but the next time I see one covered with chocolate and caramel and popcorn and Atomic Red Hots, I will plotz.

I love your site. I am taking baby steps toward learning about wine, so it's nice to find a friendly, non-intimidating yet intelligent place to come to.


Ahh, I just finished a batch of lemon ginger biscotti... I can't blog about them on my own site since some recipients are reading! And, Bakerina, you are so impressive - biscotti and (very late) Christmas cards are about all I can handle at the moment. Maybe next year...


Thank for the kind words, Bakerina! I'm resolving to blog less about home improvement adventures and more about wine in the new year. . .

And MC -- your christmas cards are not yet "very late!" Still more than 10 days before Christmas. It's just that other people send them too darned early. ;->

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