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I read the Dining In section today also, incredulous. That whole semi-sexual experience between larded supplicant and sushi master at the bar. Yikes. Obscene.

Ummmm, we're on an EXTREMELY strict budget so I was reading the review while quaffing a glass of Gallo sauvignon blanc, bargain-priced at $3.99 bottle. I know you're wincing (at best), Meg. (I've been reading & enjoying your blog. So I know.)

For New Year's, since we're not in the Wall-Street-bonus-set either, perhaps we'll add some club soda to the Gallo to make it fizzy....


No! Don't do that!! Get a bottle of Prosecco (Carpene Malvolti is good, and it costs $14!) or Cava (I hear Cristalino is very palatable and only $8.99)!



At the risk of sounding jealous (because I'm not, seriously)...the only people that should spend that kind of money on a meal have more money than brains.

The challenge (and fun) is eating and living well...within your means (or JUST above them haha).

Happy New Year.

I'd go with the Cava this year...there are some great ones out there!

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