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You go, girl! It is so hard to shed others' (and your own) unrealistic expectations for yourself. It has taken me 45 years to finally say I Don't Care What Anyone Thinks Anymore, I'm Doing What I Can and That's It. Have fun at Swoon. My husband and I dined there last Friday night - what a lovely restaurant! I love that they include reasonably priced wines on their list - so nice not to get sticker shock on receipt of the bill.

Charlotte Freeman

Ah, the underappreciated "light" wines -- ages ago, my swain, Chef Bob, gave me all sorts of grief for liking big fruit bomb wines. I scoffed at him, but now, many years later, what I want are lovely wines to drink with food, wines that aren't a scene in and of themselves. And I owe it all to Chef Bob.


Ok, Meg, your remark about Yellowtail Shiraz prompts me to pose a question I've been working up the nerve to ask for a couple weeks: Say it's the end of a long day at work. The wine shops near your office are closed. You have to stop at the grocery store - not a gigantic scary place, but a chain nonetheless - for dinner ingredients. You'd like some wine, and you're cheap. But you are filled with guilt about buying big grocery store wines like Yellow Tail because a certain blogger has educated you about what you always suspected was their general suckiness. So what is the best choice among the Jacob's Creeks, the Rosemounts, the Ravenswoods and the Rancho Zabacos of the world? My... friend... would love to know.


Oh, Meg. I fear I would let you down in the wine department. I so want to make notes about your wines so that when I get to the wine store I can have a shot at remembering what might be nice to try and, to me, new. Alas, I never do and we end up grabbing whatever - usually something from the "Tiger Market" (a.k.a. the Exxon Mobile station) down the road.

However. I am promising myself to make room in my brain for more of this information. What I'll have to get rid of to make room, I'm not sure. Maybe lyrics from 80s new wave one-hit wonders ("'Cause you're too shy-shy, hush hush, eye to eye") - don't think I'd miss them all that much.


Hey y'all, thanks for all the great comments. Anyway, I don't live in the "real world" of wine and trust me I know it!
Swoon was just the thing on Friday. They cooked, served, cleaned up and did the dishes. The food was good (some misses, but enough hits and we overordered anyhow so it didn't matter) and the bill did not kill. Yay for the world beyond Manhattan!
As for wine-buying advice. . . next post.

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