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Oh, I'm so jealous! My basil is still very low. Flowering, but low - maybe no more than mid-calf. Dill and cilantro are likewise challenged this year. There's time yet but I suspect I won't be packing away the basil as I did last year.

I'm glad you're having good luck with it, though. Eating pesto is like eating sunshine.


Oh Meg, I envy your garden! We haven't been able to spend much time at our little patch of green in Columbia County this year, so no garden for me *sniff* Hopefully by this time next year we'll be living there full time and then lookout 'cause there will be garlic, and onions, and basil oh my!
Your pesto sounds delish, I like that there are walnuts in it. I do so very much love a walnut. I have not been a fan of pesto for a long time but just this year I've been coming around to it again. Cheers!


Mmmmm, pesto... the sauce I would not want to be without on a desert island. Your whirlwind New England culinary tour sounds fantastic!


Oh, mannnn. Why didn't my garlic come up? I figured out why the corn didn't come up--turkeys! But would turkeys have eaten the garlic and also half the shallots?

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