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Meg, I hope you are feeling better by now. When our body says enough is enough we better listen. I felt very energized during my entire fast, but you never know and it is definitely better to pick a time when you can take it a bit easy.

Don't forget the herbal teas. I bet you have some nice things growing in your garden. Fresh mint, lemon balm, sage, verbena, lavender, camomille all make wonderful teas that are both soothing and uplifting. And for cleansing I swear by stinging nettle. Just in case you come across some while weeding.

By the way the garlic looks gorgeous. I can almost smell it.


Thanks, Pickles -- I do feel much better after a weekend of healthy healthy eating and no-wine-but-tea-drinking! As much as I'd like to try a fast sometime, I feel like my life right now is too food-oriented and hectic to try it. . . but 4 days so far have made me feel much more energetic -- body feels better, and I've had some really good, deep sleep, too!

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