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What if you live in ... Pennsylvania? The horrors of state-run liquor stores! Employees are civil servants with little interest in wine. Wholesale purchases are made to supply the entire state; anything small or interesting isn't offered. Yellowtail is one of the better, mid-range choices.

Of course, purchasing in Maryland, Jersey or New York is illegal, on-line retailers won't ship to Pennsy, and I love my house too much to move out of state.



Ohh, I forgot about the mid-Atlantic states' Puritan thinking toward wine in grocery stores (let alone the Mass. prohibition on wine/beer/liquor sales on Sundays...). We are lucky in Maine to be able to buy whatever, whenever (and wherever, for that matter).

In any case (ha!), thanks for a truly enlightening answer. We've thought about the case thing, but never about mixing within the case -- that is really appealing. And there's just the place, a few blocks from my office -- small, independent and they really care about wine. ( Their tastings are loads of fun. So, new resolution for 05: Buy a case of wine. Soon. Thanks a million!


MC -- glad I could help! Buying more wine is a resolution even I could live up to ;->
Susie J -- Yeah, Pennsylvania. It's a tough one. Great place to live, BAAAD place to buy wine! Some good wines do get through, but the whole state-run thing? puts a damper on the system. Darned prohibition!

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