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Ooh -- 10 yards of dirt! What fun -- my only disapointment this spring is that the load of compost I bought is absolutely rotten with pigweed!I do nothing but walk around my yard with the sharp little hand hoe trying to lop their little heads off before they get any bigger ... sigh. But the arugula, radishes, onions and garlic are all coming up, which is fun, and the tomatoes, peppers and curcurbits seem to be enjoying their daily forays out into the cold frames. So far, so good.


Apparently 10 yds is a whole lotta dirt. I just got a call from upstate where 5 beds have already been filled up!
We may have ot get our neighbor to move whatever's left of the pile down by our compost bins when we've done our worst with it, cover it up, and use it next year. Maybe he'll lend me some of those discarded tires he has to hold the black plastic down!

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