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OMG i love tghat film.
A perfect night would be Antonia's Line, Mostly Martha, and Babette's Feast...sometimes when I'm feeling the need for a big DARK food movie, The Cook, The Thief, His wife and Her lover. Just hearing that boy in the kitchen sing gives me the CHILLS.

After a good rain soaked day, that film and some wine sounds like a good plan.


Mostly Martha!! An all-time fave, too. . . and Babette's feast is in my netflix queue since I'm planning on needing several self-indulgent Friday nights this month!

Fortunately a lovely weekend erased the gloom of last week. . . and for the record I'm eating NOTHING for lunch today due to total overconsumption of grilled steak this weekend. Which was delicious (all three times I ended up having some, as chance would have it) but I think I'm still digesting!

Jamie G

My observation from interacting with the UK wine trade over the last few years is that most people in the wine trade now care little about wine. Tehy probably did once, but those who really cared either left the trade, found a suitably small niche, or simply stopped caring and went into denial about what they were peddling.

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