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I had the same kind of dinner tonight -- long day at work -- the MH having dinner and a movie with his kid, and looking through the fridge I found a container of leftover sauce from Batali's chicken thighs with saffron and mint -- so I cooked up some pasta, shredded some leftover chicken breast, warmed up the sauce in the microwave and voila -- dinner -- the best sort of single-chick leftover dinner too -- Laurie Colwin had a whole chapter in one of the Home Cooking books about girl food ...

h budd

The half marathon braised beef was super. I multiplied the recipe and used a 3 lb brisket, which I carved into thick slices at about 2/3 of the way to completion. Despite the Italianate origins of the beef recipe, we had it with a nice Cotes du Rhone. My tiny freezer is now clogged with two huge shanks of beef waiting to be prepared in a similar manner.

I'm not a great fan of risotto, but I would like to try the Roagna Dolcetto, where can it be found on the Upper West Side?


Yay for braised beef... go see Charlotte's blog for her great thoughts on pot roast, too!

Nancy's wines on Columbus has the Roagna, and also my Harlem neighborhood store (Harlem Vintage).... two of my favorite small stores, actually (for good reason!) I hope you enjoy it!

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